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Cybersecurity Consulting Services

Cybersecurity Consulting Services

Cybersecurity is not purely a matter of protecting data from being stolen, maliciously corrupted, or being held for ransom. It is a matter of the existence of a business. The data that businesses hold often contains the most sensitive client information and if that is compromised, it is not just that the clients could face serious loss for which the business holding the data may be responsible and liable, the faith in the business itself will be lost. This will have a ripple effect on other clients and in the end, it could mean the end of the business.

Even the largest corporates with huge IT departments and in-house cybersecurity measures fall prey to online criminal activity. The risk is even higher for small and medium-sized organizations, that because of limited resources often have to depend on a combination of internal protection measures and costly external security tools.

The CloudSight Advantage

At CloudSight we do not only create barriers to keep your data safe, we are proactive in searching for and anticipating potential threats and taking steps to prevent them from reaching your systems and data. We are digital professionals with the highest levels of cybersecurity expertise. Because of our background of working with clients across industry spectrums, we know that every organization is different and that boilerplate security solutions that work for one business may have serious loopholes and risks for another. We focus on your specific cybersecurity needs and solutions.

Our extensive range of application security testing services takes full responsibility for your application's complete IT environment to make sure your products and business are protected against cyber-attacks. Our skilled security testers identify vulnerabilities, examine your applications' server configuration, and analyze the network infrastructure. Our coding experts and security testers use threat modeling, a risk-based approach to perform code reviews as opposed to traditional tool-based testing practices. Our source code reviewers have experience testing healthcare applications, ERP, video conferencing systems, MS Dynamics, and much more.

Security Audit

We start with a detailed security audit of your IT infrastructure and operations to identify weaknesses, vulnerabilities and threats, and any high-risk practices that may exist in your organization. We then evaluate your:

  • Risk Management Program: We assess your organization’s risk management program and practices and develop systems to strengthen the risk management framework to enhance the organization’s ability to respond to risks.
  • Business Continuity Program: We evaluate the program to identify weaknesses and to strengthen the organization’s ability to be prepared for the unexpected to maintain operational integrity.
  • Incident Management Procedures: We check to see if your organization’s incident management program and procedures are in place and if the staff is equipped to deal with any situations that may arise.
  • Legal and Regulatory Practices: We do a full compliance audit to ensure that your organization’s policies, programs, and procedures all meet applicable legal requirements.

We then prepare a full and detailed report that includes our detailed findings on your cybersecurity standards and incident preparedness and provide you with actionable recommendations to enhance your levels of protection to keep the organization safe and resilient against any dangers.


Cyber Security Analytics as a Service (CSAaaS) has one objective – to anticipate potential threats, create the highest level of protection for your corporate data and do this without affecting the efficiency of your various business operations, both internal and external.

 The rising cost of storing and processing data is due to a combination of the increasing amount of data that is stored and the growing sophistication and range of operations of online criminals. This expense will only increase with time. Cyber security cannot be compromised, but the manpower, management, and financial resources required to build an effective defense, response, and recovery system is not viable option. That is why expert CSAaaS is today the most operationally powerful and cost-effective form of cybersecurity.

At CloudSight Technologies we know how critical security is to you and combine the benefits of being an objective expert reviewer, consultant, and adviser on your cybersecurity while also working as a partner with a vested interest in your organization’s ongoing growth. Our tailor-made custom security solutions are created by certified experts and the delivery models and commitment to on-time delivery are fundamental to the services we provide. With CloudSight Technologies'cybersecurity consulting services, your organization will be able to devote vital resources to focus on business development and growth, knowing that your security is subject to the highest standards of oversight.

Cybersecurity risks are continuously evolving. CloudSight Technologies CSAaaS keeps your organization ahead of the attackers so that you are always protected.

Contact us to know more about CSAaaS and how it will protect you. You can also click here to sign up for a sample penetration testing report.