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Dr. Anthony N. Akosa, MD, MBA

Member – Advisory Board

Dr. Anthony N. Akosa, MD, MBA, is a distinguished figure at the intersection of clinical practice and healthcare technology, with an impressive track record in Health IT development and Population Health Management (PHM). As a board-certified family practice physician, Dr. Akosa embodies a deep dedication to delivering personalized, high-quality healthcare, ensuring his patients receive the utmost care and attention tailored to their specific health needs.

Holding both an MD and an MBA, Dr. Akosa is uniquely positioned to bridge the gap between medical expertise and strategic business management. This dual skill set enables him to spearhead initiatives that harness the potential of technology to enhance healthcare delivery, improve patient outcomes, and streamline healthcare processes across the board.

Dr. Akosa's contributions to Health IT are marked by his visionary leadership and innovative thinking. He is deeply involved in creating and implementing technological solutions that make healthcare more accessible, efficient, and effective, proving instrumental in transforming how healthcare services are delivered and managed.

In the sphere of Population Health Management, Dr. Akosa's work is pivotal. He designs and executes strategies that focus on improving the health outcomes of communities through better healthcare practices, advanced data analytics, and effective use of technological tools. His efforts are centered around making a tangible impact on the health of populations, ensuring that all individuals have access to the care and information they need to lead healthier lives.

Dr. Akosa's career is a beacon of excellence in healthcare, reflecting his relentless pursuit of innovation and his commitment to enhancing the wellbeing of his patients through advanced medical practices and technologies. His leadership not only sets a high standard in healthcare but also inspires future generations to explore and innovate at the nexus of medicine, technology, and strategic management.

Reji Jacob

Member – Advisory Board

Reji Jacob is a 25-year veteran of the Engineering industry, having held Analytics and Data engineering leadership roles within the Healthcare and Retail Technology domains. Reji is passionate about helping companies achieve growth using data to drive strategy and business decisions, understand customer behaviours, improve customer experiences, optimize business performance and identify marketing opportunities.

Reji is currently the Principal at Computia Technologies, which helps businesses comb through big data sets and realize otherwise hidden trends and opportunities in their industry.

Reji earned a Bachelor of Engineering Degree from Pune University.