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SpinOut is not just another online meeting/chatting app. It is a way to integrate online and real-world interactions so that users may seamlessly move between the two. This is done by offering features that make the online experience as close as possible to the real world one while ensuring the time saving and efficiency of online interaction. This makes the online meeting experience familiar to everyone and also allows for real world meetings and interactions to be continued online without missing a beat.

SpinOut is not only for business. The features on offer make it the most desirable and effective app for social and personal interactions too, with the same ability to move between physical and online interaction.It is easy to define SpinOut as a video-chatting app, but that description does not even begin to present the range and extent of what the app can do for you.

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  • Business meetings with all the features that other apps offer, like screen sharing,private chats within the meeting, choosing backgrounds and avatars, and much more.
  • Top-level security, collaboration tools and everything else that goes into creating an efficient and productive meetingare available for everyone.
  • Dual camera video for a unique visual experience for both presenters and audience.
  • Record meetings and easily provide transcripts to those who need them.
  • Create your own private chat rooms where only those you invite can enter. Create as many rooms as you want and invite only the people you want to be present to each room you create. You and your guests can be yourselves or use avatars. You can choose the background you want and interact with each other in complete privacy and security.
  • Create or join public rooms. Public rooms are open to all and you can create rooms to discuss the subjects you want.Post an interesting topic and see what the world has to say about it. You don’t have to be present all the time. You can leave and return to check on what happened while you were away.
  • In both public and private rooms, private one-on-one chats that cannot be seen by other participants are available.
  • Online notificationstell users when their contacts are online or when a new room has been created.

More features

  • You can apply virtual backgrounds to rooms to create the ambiance you want.
  • Screen sharing is available in the rooms you set up.
  • You can create a room on your screen that is structured like a real one and move around it to talk to your guests in other parts of the space, either in groups or one-on-one.
  • If you are not happy with the look of a video, you have filters you can apply to change the appearance.
  • Spinout can be used on any device and across almost all platforms.
  • New features are constantly being introduced.

Step Out With SpinOut

  • SpinOut blurs the divide between physical meetings and online ones with features that make online interactions more “real” and by doing so, make any change from an online to a real-world meeting or vice versa, a seamless switchover.
  • Work or interact with others at any time and from anywhere with total confidence in the security of the information being exchanged.
  • Bringing new people into groups, rooms or meetings is easy – there is no learning curve for the new entrants and they become productive right away.

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With SpinOut, you are in control. You decide on opening and closing private and public rooms. You are in control of your private rooms in the same way a host is in control of a party. Want to relax with friends after a long work meeting? Just stay on SpinOut and invite them to your private room where you can chillout and unwind. Has something urgent, personal or professional, come up that requires real-time inputs from others? Open a room and invite the people you need to be there.

People are constantly finding new ways to use SpinOut and make their work and personal lives more productive, efficient and simple. Try it to experience firsthand how SpinOut is the comprehensive online interaction app that you have been waiting for.This is the Swiss Army Knife of online interaction apps.

SpinOut is the most comprehensive online meeting and collaboration tool available. It is designed to be intuitive so there is no time-consuming learning curve before productive use can commence.

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