Eunic ePHR

Eunic ePHR

Streamlined Health Record Management and Virtual Consultations Globally

CloudSight and the Eunic Akosa Foundation have joined forces to empower the OPENMRS and Vclinique Telemedicine, a flagship product of CloudSight, by producing Eunic-ePHR, available as both a web and mobile application.

The idea behind this initiative is to address the high costs associated with EMR/EHR systems, which can burden healthcare organizations with annual renewal fees of up to $1 million. Our unique solution eliminates these costs, providing affordable, informed care to public health ACOs, hospitals, and state health organizations.

ePHR is an innovative electronic patient health record system that allows patients to electronically share their health records with healthcare providers and loved ones worldwide. This feature ensures that critical health information is always accessible, enhancing continuity of care and enabling informed medical decisions.

Beyond traditional health records, ePHR offers the convenience of scheduling virtual visits or consultations. Patients can connect with physicians from various specialties in Nigeria, North America, and Europe, ensuring they receive expert medical advice regardless of their location. This is especially beneficial for those needing specialized care that may not be locally available.

By integrating these functionalities, Cloudsight and Eunic-ePHR empower patients with greater control over their health data and access to global healthcare resources. This platform not only simplifies the sharing of medical information but also bridges geographical gaps, providing a seamless healthcare experience. Whether for routine check-ups or specialized consultations, Eunic-ePHR is designed to meet the evolving needs of modern healthcare, ensuring patients receive timely and comprehensive care no matter where they are.

Additional Features:

Configurable for Any Clinical Program

CloudSight OpenMRS and Vclinique are designed to be highly flexible and configurable for any clinical area. They are used in various areas including Primary Care, Specialty Centers for NCD, MCH/ANC, HIV, TB, Malaria, COVID, and more.

Clinical Documentation and Diagnosis Tracking

Easily triage and track patient history, write orders electronically, and create and customize forms as needed. The user-friendly Form Builder allows non-developers to build new forms effortlessly.

Registration, Appointments, Queues

Manage patient lists and bookings in one location or across multiple sites. Connect registration to national patient databases for seamless integration.

Integration with Other Systems

The CloudSight RESTAPI and FHIR APIs facilitate integration with other end-user tools like ERP Systems, Lab Systems, DHIS2, and more, as well as with National Health Exchanges.

Privileges & User Management

Implement role-based access with detailed permissions granularity, such as by location or data type.

Language Translation

CloudSight OpenMRS features configurable translation tools, supporting multiple languages simultaneously to meet user needs.

CloudSight EHRs and AI in Healthcare

Electronic Health Records (EHRs) are a cornerstone of modern healthcare, providing digital versions of patients’ paper charts. They enable real-time, patient-centered records that are instantly and securely accessible to authorized users.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is transforming healthcare by enhancing diagnostic accuracy, personalizing treatment plans, and improving administrative efficiency. It supports digital communications by offering schedule reminders and tailored health tips, and it helps identify high-risk patients for early intervention. Predictive analytics leverages historical data to forecast future health trends and improve patient outcomes by anticipating and preventing medical issues. Additionally, AI applications in diagnostics and treatment recommendations streamline clinical workflows and improve diagnosis accuracy.

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Vclinique Mobile Health Applications and Eunic ePHR

Vclinique enhances patient access to medical information, medication adherence reminders, and tools for managing chronic conditions like diabetes. Mobile health apps support patient-centered care with features such as appointment scheduling, personalized health tips, and real-time communication with healthcare providers.

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