The need for hospitals to adopt the latest claims processing technology has never been greater. Adapting and leveraging on automation in existing claims operations will lead to increased patient satisfaction, improved visibility, and processing time, eliminates the need for physical storage and decreased operational costs.

Automation improves efficiency in claims processing
Preauth and Claims Processing is typically time-consuming and labor intensive and often results in delays and quality issues. Most of the steps in pre-auth and claims processing are repetitive. By utilizing a sophisticated automation solution, hospital admins can automate these repetitive manual tasks to free up their time and space for other tasks. Automation enables large volumes of repetitive work to be turned around quickly without compromising on the quality and helps admin submit an error-free pre-filled preauth and claim request online thus improving accuracy and efficiency.

Reduced TAT – Aside from reducing errors, claims automation solutions is proven to reduce turnaround time. Per the Gartner research, use of RPA (Robotic Process Automation) and other technologies have drastically reduced the turnaround time. By incorporating claims process automation into your workflow, time is saved and costs are minimized. Reduced claims processing TAT better meets patient expectations and helps improve satisfaction.

Increased Visibility – The advanced claims automation solutions capture the incoming claims correspondence, classifies the status, and makes it available on a dashboard. This dashboard provides patient-facing executives and admins with visibility into the claims processing and they can quickly track the status of the pre-auth and claim requests submitted real-time.

Eliminates the need for Physical storage – In cases where the payers request for additional information, there arises a need to access the records to resolve a claim request. Such records need to be retained and archived through the life of the claim cycle. The sophisticated claims automation solutions digitize claim documents eliminating the paper documents through data capture and online forms. Digitized claim process helps hospital admins improve response times, eliminate duplicate documentation, and the admins gain access to data for analysis and decision making.

How eClaimDesk can help
eClaimDESK is a Cloud -based platform that automates pre-auth and claims processing. By automating the claims process that is labor intensive, error prone and time consuming, eClaimDesk significantly reduce costs, improves accuracy, and accelerates claims processes.

The sophisticated capture feature and pre-filled forms reduce the time involved in manual preauth and claim request documentation and enhance the quality of scanned images, dramatically improving the efficiency of the claims submissions processes.

By deploying eClaimDesk, hospital administrators can digitize the claims processing, improve performance, minimize operating costs, and provide better service to patients.

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